Intensive Courses and Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is  a challenging time which takes money and effort from the candidate.It’s important that the driving instructor is chosen carefully to ensure that you pass your driving test but more importantly to ensure that you learn to drive safely.

99% of driving instructors in the UK are self employed and therefore none of them actually work for a large organisation,so to say that for example the AA driving school is a good or a bad driving school doesn’t make any sense as all of its driving instructors are paying them a hefty franchise fee so they they receive pupils .A driving school will rarely terminate its business agreement with a driving instructor as the driving school would lose money by doing so.

Generally a driving instructor by word of mouth so a recommendation the driving instructor should be chosen to suit you and its important that you get along.You shouldn’t really worry about pass rates since the DVSA no longer monitor this so if you ask a driving instructor for their pass rate they would have just made the figure up as theirs no way of them proving it.

Remember that just because a driving instructor has a flash car with professional sign writing it doesn’t always mean that hes that good or even legal.You can easily check if they are legal or what grade they are by visiting

We advise to look for an independent driving instructor or a group of them that work together such as a family run business for example in Gloucester we have these are the Intensive driving course specialists.Bennetts do have driving instructors all over the UK but are based in Gloucestershire.

Intensive driving courses are gaining more popularity in recent times as people views on Intensive Courses have changed as they were once thought it was a bad idea.The traditional way of learning to drive would be to take 1 or 2 hours per week,the issues with this is that it takes about 20 mins to get warmed up and then just towards the end of the hour the learner driver makes progress by the time the  next lessons they have forgotten quite alot,So as a result you find yourselves doing alot of recaping and going over the same stuff over again and again.

The fact that the learner driver has taken 12 months to learn instead of a few weeks doesn’t mean they have more experience just because they took longer to do it.When I worked as a ADI I  found that myself and the learner driver were both working much harder and therefore achieved a whole lot more.Intensive driving courses can be tailored for learner drivers at all levels usually their are  main categories  such as:-

Complete beginner 40 hours (aimed at a learner driver who  has never driven before)

Pupil with some experience 30 hours ( aimed at a learner driverwho has started lessons and stopped some one who has had about 5 to 10 hours fairly recently)

Experienced Pupil 15 to 20 hours (Aimed at a learner driver who has 20 or eo hours and maybe taken a driving test before)

These amount of hours are really just a guideline and sometimes need to be topped up with additional hours.If however the instructor feels you are not ready for test he may advise you to move it.The driving instructor cannot make you move it but if you don’t agree he can refuse to allow you to use the driving school car for the test.Some driving schools may ask you to book an assessment driving lesson to gauge how many hours you will need to do on the intensive driving course.

Intensive Driving don’t have to be done in 1 week in fact normally the duration is over two or three weeks especially if you are on the 40 hours + course.Some of the shorter courses are more feesable to be completed in 1 week.

Intensive Driving courses are normally much better structured than traditional driving lessons and therefore the success rate tends to be higher the learner driver tends to be more foccused as they have usually taken time off from work can focus on  the task  of learning to drive.

An ideal amount of time is to do about 3 or 4 hours per day you can do longer but might find that the learner driver starts to get tired after 4 hours of constant driving.If you are planning to longer sessions then breaks will need to be taken.Bennetts  have been conducting Intensive for 30 years and from the data that has been collected the  the pupils that take an Intensive Driving Course have a better success rate and remain for many years after passing the driving test.