Intensive Courses and Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is  a challenging time which takes money and effort from the candidate.It’s important that the driving instructor is chosen carefully to ensure that you pass your driving test but more importantly to ensure that you learn to drive safely.

99% of driving instructors in the UK are self employed and therefore none of them actually work for a large organisation,so to say that for example the AA driving school is a good or a bad driving school doesn’t make any sense as all of its driving instructors are paying them a hefty franchise fee so they they receive pupils .A driving school will rarely terminate its business agreement with a driving instructor as the driving school would lose money by doing so.

Generally a driving instructor by word of mouth so a recommendation the driving instructor should be chosen to suit you and its important that you get along.You shouldn’t really worry about pass rates since the DVSA no longer monitor this so if you ask a driving instructor for their pass rate they would have just made the figure up as theirs no way of them proving it.

Remember that just because a driving instructor has a flash car with professional sign writing it doesn’t always mean that hes that good or even legal.You can easily check if they are legal or what grade they are by visiting

We advise to look for an independent driving instructor or a group of them that work together such as a family run business for example in Gloucester we have these are the Intensive driving course specialists.Bennetts do have driving instructors all over the UK but are based in Gloucestershire.




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